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5 houses of rich and famous!

My home real estate brings to you a list of 5 houses of the most rich and famous Hollywood celebrities:
We all know what it's like to be home, but have you ever imagined how it is like to live in a celebrity house ?
We will give you a glance over celebrities houses and it's prices:

Taylor Swift:
This young Musician is well known for her impressive music career. Her real estate fortune is 84 Million $. She owns 8 incredible houses the best of them all is her mansion at Beverly Hills- California. The Mansion is 11,000 Sqm. It was sold on 2015 for 25 Million USD.

Celin Dion's Mansion:
It pictures the celebrity house as we all imagined. It has 2 swimming pools, a river, two water slides, Water cannons and a tree house.
The house price is 28m- USD, with Total Area of 2000 SQM. It Contains 13 Bedrooms, 13 bathrooms.

Johnny Carson:
Location: Malibu, Pointe Dume
It is rare and unique. Because it is located over a top Location with glass Walls to overlook the Pacific Ocean. You will definitely enjoy an open Air houses with superb view.
The house is on Sale for 81.5 Million USD.

Ellen DeGeneres:
It is located on California Hill, With An Area of 10000 Sqm.
The house is on Sale from 38.5 Million USD. The house definitely is on Top Mountain with an Open View over Sea. It Includes Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools.

Marilyn Monroe:
The House is just located in Los Angeles, with total Area of 2,600 Sqm.
The house is sold this year for 7.25 Million USD.
She bought the house one month before she died in it with what probably was on overdose.

Audrey Hepburn:
The house is located in Los Angles. The house is on Sale for 14 Million USD. The house is a classical style house with a guest Area of 1000 Sqm.

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