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Buy or Rent a house, we will solve the problem !

Should you buy a house or rent your full guide

You Have to Buy a house if:

1- you want to put down roots, start a family.
2- if you have at least 20% of the house price, and you are financially stable to pay installments.
3- if you are staying for five years or more at the same place, so you would probably buy a house.
4- if you are looking for hard asset with the possibility of providing both emotional and financial stability.
5- closig costa from 2 to 5% of the original price.

you have to rent if:

1- if you are financially unable to secure at least 20% of the unit price.
2- if you are staying less than five years, then it is better for you to rent.
3- you need to be free to move anytime, without the dilema of selling your house. Which will have to stay in the market at least 65 days.
4- Rent if putting down payment would drain your funds including emergency funds.
5- rent gives you more liability to invest rather than putting your savings in a home.

for those who is seeking a stable monthly expense, a long term investment homwownership has many advantages. for those who move frequently, or cring at the thought of lawm work, or short term investment, rentiang is the best will consistently move up and down.
But real estate has consistently appreciated over time.

After All the decision of buying or renting depends totally on your profile. There is no right or wrong. Make sure to know the financial costs and legal process before you decide to take either direction.

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