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Apartment 268m For Sale In Lake View Residence l شقة 268 متر للبيع في ليك فيو ريزدنس

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New Cairo | القاهرة الجديده
For Sale
EGP - Apartment
ID: 6179
268m. sq m
3 Bedrooms
3 Bethrooms
375 Visits
Year Built Ready
Apartment 268m For Sale In Lake View Residence

Apartment Subarea :  268m

Apartment consist Of : 3 Bedrooms + 3 Bathrooms + 3 Reception + Kitchen

Delivery Status : Semi Finished

Delivery Date : Delivered

View : Open View

Total Price : 3,700,000 LE
Down Payment : 2,464,800 LE
Installments : 1,235,200 To 8/7/2020

Lake View Residence’s location is 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, close to all international schools and universities who have moved their campuses, seeking a better environment for students, hospitals, clinics, malls, clubs, etc

Lake view Residence It’s all about location when choosing the destination you want to live in,and what better location than New Cairo.

Lake View Residence is situated far from Down town Cairo’s over-populated and busy streets buthavingtheadvantagesandamenitiesofametropolitandistrict.NewCairoistheideal residential destination for those who desire a more peaceful,sub urban lifestyle.

Lake view Residence Our mission is to create a premium destination far away from the over populated town yet enjoy all the amenities of metropolitan districts. West rive to create a 5 star luxurious experience in any of the project’s facilities

Lake view Residence Because wear eke into evoke an unparalleled experience of comfort,privacy,luxury and convenience,we chose that Lake View gets designed by the world re-nowned Greek architecture affirm IS Varchitects which are widely admired by their outstanding design ventures 

The Lake view Residence location allows you to enjoy a peaceful sub urban lifestyle,in the midstream estate oft heart buildings with the charming serenity of the greenery landscape

Lake view Residence Despite having many stages of the project,the most consistent factoris the luxury and convenience Beitin the beautifully designed building sorth estate of the art architecture or the calm spacious greenery spaces which is well designed to keep your well-being and safety in mind

Lake view Residence Other than the residential and the landscape,there comes the Downtown project which offers an unrivaled combination of convenience hosting a carefully selected list of shopping,dining and leisure places as well as many business premises.

Lake view Residence To add more flavor to the project we chose to bring the genuine luxury hospitality experience in Dusit Thani Lake View creating a 5 star luxurious experience that isstrategically located with in close proximity to Cairo’s major attractions. Last but not the least comes the Lake view house whic his the most recent extension of our project.

Lake view mall

Lake View Residence has aneigh boring retail area,anextensiontothepremise swhichisapproximately 40,000sqm consisting of a multitude of shops–global chains,high end local brands,F&B restaurants and cafes,andmanymore.Themallwillnotonlyserveasashoppinganddiningdestination,but will be of conveniencetofamilieswhohavechildrenaswell.Allsortsofentertainmentwillbeavailableforallages,so as to give room for the parents to enjoy the irouting experience

Lake view Residence has beautiful surrounding so f landscape,anad jacent mall built with the latest technology next to the premises for shopping and entertainment. Residents get a controlled entrance and exit to them all from within the compound for convenience and safety


Lake view Residence What better than getting a 5 star luxury experience on a regular basis?You will find that at Lake View Residence,where the place is built to cater to your needs and organized for your convenience,keeping your well-being and safety in mind. Every building has luxurious lobbies with a 24/7 Concierge service

About the project
شقة 268 متر للبيع في ليك فيو ريزدنس

شقة بمساحه : 268 م

شقة تتكون من: 3 غرف نوم + 3 حمام + 3 استقبال + مطبخ

حالة التسليم : نصف تشطيب

تاريخ التسليم : جاهزه للاستلام

تطل علي : منظر طبيعي

اجمالي السعر : 3,700,000 جنيه
الدفعة الأولى : 2,464,800 جنيه
الأقساط المتبقيه : 1,235,200 حتي 8/7/2020

يحتوي ليك فيو ريزدنس على منطقة تجزئة مملّة ورائعة ، وهو عبارة عن مجموعة متنوعة من المحلات التجارية التي تضم 40،000 متر مربع ، ويتألف من عدد كبير من المحلات التجارية ، وسلاسل عالمية ، وماركات محلية عالية الجودة ، ومطاعم ومقاهي F & B ، و ، ولكن سيكون من الملائمات التي توفر الراحة في جميع أنحاء العالم ، وذلك لإعطاء غرفة للوالدين للاستمتاع بتجربة الإزعاج

يحتوي سكن ليك فيو على مناظر طبيعية جميلة تحيط به المناظر الطبيعية الخلابة ، ومركز تسوق أناد جاتر المبني بأحدث التقنيات بجوار أماكن التسوق والترفيه. يحصل المقيمون على مدخل ومخرج خاضع للسيطرة عليهم من داخل المجمع لتوفير الراحة والأمان

ما هو أفضل من الحصول على تجربة 5 نجوم فاخرة على أساس منتظم؟ سوف تجد ذلك في ليك فيو ريزيدنس ، حيث تم بناء المكان لتلبية احتياجاتك وتنظيمها لراحتك ، والحفاظ على رفاهيتك وسلامة في عقل. يحتوي كل مبنى على ردهات فاخرة مع خدمة الكونسيرج على مدار 24 ساعة طوال أيام الأسبوع

  • Serviced
  • Parking
  • Unfurnished
  • Semi furnished
  • gated Community
  • Water Features
  • Clubhouse membership included
  • ready to deliver
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