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EGP - Apartment
ID: 7923
234 sq m
3 Bedrooms
3 Bethrooms
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Real Estate Egypt _ New Cairo _ Eastown Compound New Cairo

Eastown Fifth Settlement for sale 

duplex for  sale in Eastown Sodic Compound

duplex area  is 234 square meters

garden area 55 square meters

The duplex has 3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms

delivery status : semi finished

total price 5125000 egp

Eastown Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement on 90th Street directly in New Cairo and next to the American University. As a result of its location, it is one of the best investment opportunities available at the present time.

Eastown Compound is located on an area of 200 acres, and it provides apartments and duplexes in an upscale commercial area that guarantees all services to the residents of the compound and increases the unit price day by day.

The company gave priority to green spaces and landscaping in the project by building the green walkway that passes through the heart of Eastown until it reaches the Club House, which is located in the center of the project on an area of 8 acres.

About the project
عقارات مصر _ القاهرة الجديدة _ كمبوند ايست تاون القاهرة الجديدة

ايست تاون التجمع الخامس للبيع

دوبلكس للبيع في كمبوند ايستاون سوديك

مساحة الدوبلكس 234متر مربع

مساحة الحديقة 55 متر مربع

الدوبلكس يحتوي علي 3غرف نوم +3 حمام

نصف تشطيب

السعر الاجمالي 5125000 جنية

يقع كمبوند ايستاون في التجمع الخامس على شارع التسعين مباشرة بالقاهرة الجديدة وبجوار الجامعة الأمريكية. ونتيجة لموقعه فهو من أفضل الفرص الاستثمارية المتاحة في الوقت الحالي.

يقع كمبوند ايستاون على مساحة 200 فدان ، ويوفر شققًا ودوبلكس بمنطقة تجارية راقية تضمن جميع الخدمات لسكان الكمبوند وتزيد من سعر الوحدة يومًا بعد يوم.

أعطت الشركة الأولوية للمساحات الخضراء والمناظر الطبيعية في المشروع من خلال بناء الممشى الأخضر الذي يمر عبر قلب إيست تاون حتي يصل الي الكلوب هاوس الذي يقع في وسط المشروع على مساحة 8 فدان.

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Eastown New Cairo

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Eastown New Cairo  (Our related listings)

The Life of New Cairo With its location and product offering Eastown New Cairo will become New Cairo's neighborhood of choice. Eastown New Cairo is strategically situated on Road 90, immediately adjacent to the American University in New Cairo, a short drive from Cairo International Airport and in the midst of the flourishing communities of New Cairo and Kattameya.

Built on 860,000 square meters of land, twice the size of London's Canary Wharf, Eastown will provide premium residential, retail and office space while offering the best in shopping and entertainment.
Here, residents, retail staff and office employees can enjoy a vibrant environment where buildings are
Adjacent to the new campus of the American University in Cairo and near Cairo International Airport, Eastown New Cairo will become the vibrant hub of the New Cairo district. And because Eastown New Cairo is just a 20 minute drive away from Cairo International Airport, residents and business people with an international element in their lifestyle will feel right at home.

The heart of Eastown's New Cairo vision is to provide its residents with contemporary living spaces that are safe, functional, and attractive and within easy reach of urban essentials .Eastown New Cairo Residences is Eastown's New Cairo purely gated residential neighborhood. The homes harness the beauty of their surroundings, while reflecting the overall sense of community suited for people with different needs, tastes and lifestyles.

Security, Specifications and Amenities

  • Multiple layers of security using the latest technology for your safety in Eastown New Cairo
  • A secure and gated master community monitored and patrolled by EDARA Security Services.
  • The neighborhood is gated and secured by a perimeter fence with controlled access for residents only. Safe, pedestrian-friendly roads.
  • Eastown Clubhouse: Residents can enjoy membership at the Eastown Clubhouse just a short walk away from their homes. Eastown New Cairo Clubhouse features swimming pools, sports facilities, restaurant and a café.

Amenities, Design and More:

  • Communal gardens.
  • On-ground parking spaces for residents.
  • Access points for gardening and maintenance.
  • Extremely durable and washable exterior facades.
  • Facades designed to conceal AC units.
  • Connection point for installation of triple play services.


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