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Semi Finished Mivida, New Cairo Twinhouse 350m For Sale | ميفيدا نصف تشطيب ، القاهرة الجديدة توين هاوس 350 متر للبيع

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  • Mivida, New Cairo
  • Mivida, New Cairo
  • Mivida, New Cairo
  • Mivida, New Cairo
  • Mivida, New Cairo
Mivida, New Cairo
For Sale
EGP - Twin house
ID: 6674
350 sq m
3 Bedrooms
3 Bethrooms
222 Visits
Year Built Delivered

Building Area: 350 m

Land area: 360 m

Twin House consists of: 3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms + reception + kitchen

Delivery Date: Delivered

Delivery Status: Semi Finished

Total Price: EGP 7,500,000

Mivida is an integrated world-class community developed by Emaar. Mivida combines the vitality of urban life with the quietness of suburban life. Green walking trails invite you to discover pine forests, lavender gardens that open on playgrounds, community centers and a 33-acre central park. Mivida is an integrated community hosting a wide range of amenities including educational facilities, international health care, a business complex, a hotel and bustling city center with street-style shopping, all just minutes away from the American University in New Cairo.
About the project

مساحة البناء: 350 م

مساحة الأرض: 360 م

يتكون توين هاوس من: 3 غرف نوم + 3 حمامات + ريسبشن + مطبخ

تاريخ التسليم: تم الاستلام

حالة التسليم: نصف تشطيب

السعر الإجمالي: 7،500،000 جنيه

ميفيدا هو مجتمع متكامل من الطراز العالمي طورته شركة إعمار. يدمج ميفيدا حيوية الحياة الحضرية مع هدوء أسلوب حياة الضواحي ، حيث تدعوك مسارات المشي الخضراء لاكتشاف غابات الصنوبر وحدائق الخزامى التي تفتح على الملاعب والمراكز المجتمعية ومنتزه مركزي مساحته 33 فدانًا. ميفيدا هو مجتمع متكامل يستضيف مجموعة واسعة من وسائل الراحة بما في ذلك المرافق التعليمية والرعاية الصحية الدولية ، ومجمع لرجال الأعمال ،.وفندق ووسط المدينة الصاخبة مع التسوق على غرار شارع ، كل ذلك على بعد دقائق فقط من الجامعة الأمريكية في القاهرة الجديدة.
  • Garage
  • Security Available
  • ready to deliver
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Agent Shimaa Gamal
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Mivida New Cairo Project

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A Slice of nature (Villas for sale in Mivida)

A world-class integrated community fusing the vibrancy of urban living with the tranquility of suburban lifestyle, Mivida New Cairo is where green walking trails invite you to discover the pine forests and lavender gardens that open to playgrounds, community centers and a 33 acre central park. Mivida New Cairo is a fully integrated community hosting a spectrum of amenities including international educational and healthcare facilities, a business park, hotel and a bustling town centre with boulevard style shopping, all just minutes away from the American University in New Cairo.


Just minutes away from the American University Campus in New Cairo, Mivida New Cairo embodiesthe vibrancy of urban living with the peace and comfort of nature and suburban living. The EGP 6 billionMivida New Cairo residential community located at the fifth district reflects a lush environment that is unparalleled. Pristine nature trails allow residents to navigate their way through pleasant pine forestsand serene lavender gardens. Yet for all its natural wonder, Mivida New Cairo is still a fully integrated community allowing residents access to every convenience imaginable. This includes playgrounds, community centers, a business park, thriving hotels and boulevard style shopping in a bustling town center. With all these elements combined; Mivida New Cairo is the place where life truly comes together.


Mivida New Cairo is strategically located in the heart of New Cairo City, which is quickly becoming a new urban center. It is ideally situated in proximity to the American University in Cairo and only 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport. Mivida New Cairo benefits from having multiple access points through Road 90, Suez and Sokhna Roads.

Services and Amenities

Live, Work & Play in a Fully Integrated Community Rarely do we find a place that achieves complete harmony between natural wonder and modern ease. At Mivida the two are fused together flawlessly, providing a unique and peaceful environment for residents and visitors alike. Like all Emaar developments, Mivida provides an innumerable number of options, catering to any possible need. A lifestyle inspired by you is not just a slogan but the driving force behind the development’s prosperity.

Meeting the diverse lifestyle aspirations of Mivida’s New Cairo clients means focusing on the highest quality standards of living, including basic necessities and special luxuries. Whether you stay for a few days or take of a spot in one of the development’s luxurious homes, Mivida is guaranteed to cater to your desires and every turn.


Exquisite Parks and Nature

With such close proximity to Cairo, Mivida New Cairo is within easy reach of one of the world’s largest and busiest cities. Yet despite its position, Mivida has cultivated a pristine natural environment that quickly makes anyone forget the commotion and craziness of city life. Vast forests of pine and beautiful gardens of lavender are spread throughout the development, allowing visitors and residents to lose themselves in nature’s beauty on carefully drawn hiking trails. Mivida’s central park is also an attraction for those seeking tranquility. Integrated smoothly into the center of town and featuring attractive water projects, the park is friendly for singles and families alike, providing a safe and relaxing place to be carefree.


Shopping Boulevard

The Mivida Town Center will be the heart and soul of the community, designed to provide multiple venues for people to work, shop and spend leisure time in a safe and comfortable pedestrian environment. The Shopping Boulevard offers a unique shopping experience. A pedestrian-only street intersects the Town Center and offers attractive outdoor dining, water features, retail and plenty of seating areas under a canopy of trees.


State of the Art Infrastructure

To ensure that all residents of Mivida are looked after completely, Emaar has been sure to provide all the necessary facilities for a fully functioning integrated community. Along with state of the art roads and walkways connecting all parts of the site, Mivida New Cairo also possesses international acclaimed educational facilities, providing the best in academics to children in the development. It also hosts a state of the art hospital as well as important commercial outlets in town to service any basic request.


Medical Facilities

Nothing is more comforting than knowing that your health needs will be catered to around the corner. Offering only the most qualified and well-esteemed doctors, nurses and management in the industry, the Mivida Hospital with its state-of-the-art facilities will redefine everything we’ve come to know about health-care.


International School

We know that your children are your life, which is why to make your Mivida living experience exceptional, Mivida is home to an array of facilities dedicated solely to your loved ones. Schools, parks, playgrounds and educational facilities galore, you can always rest assured your children are safe andliving life the way they should.


Business Park

The Mivida business park brings you world-class facilities in an aesthetically-pleasing environment layered with greenery that will enhance productivity and reduce stress. The 150,000-square-meter office space includes amenities such as an executive gym, spacious meeting rooms, a state-of-the artbusiness center and attractive outdoor food and beverage areas with covered terraces and landscaped walkways.



Mivida New Cairo is home to 3 elegantly designed clubhouses. Designed with our residents in mind, the clubhouses will offer an array of facilities that cater to your health and well-being and your entertainment and your business requirements. From ballrooms & meeting rooms to a rejuvenating spa, gym & swimming pool to decadent gourmet restaurants & lounges.



Mivida New Cairo will be home to world-class hotel and leisure & entertainment venues. Buzzing with life and energy, they will redefine hospitality and serve as the center of glitz and glam for Mivida guests and residents alike.

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