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Created on: 17th May, 2014 12:29 PM

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Luxury Administrative Office for rent 1st Sector New Cairo

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Property Type
Administrative Offices
القطاع الاول التجمع
العقار المعروض
عدد الحمامات عدد الحمامات
مساحة الأرض
Major St.
وضع الوحدة
تاريخ الإنتهاء
حالة التسليم
Luxury Finishing
الدفع كل
Select One
السعر الشهري
18700 USD
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سهولة الوصول والمرافق
The building between the North 90 Street and the South - very close to the Ring Road - at the mediating the city of New Cairo - close to the AUC - - all the services are available
المزيد من التفاصيل
Real Estate Egypt , Cairo, New Cairo city : Administrative office for rent in The city center , New Cairo city , surface area : 912 sqm 3rd floor per floor (3 typical floors are available), Administrative license, 3 Elevators, Finishing: Core and Shell, Each floor will have 8 parking slots, Finishing: Core and Shell.

Condition of Delivery: The building will be delivered in the following condition:

• Windows and completed external facade
• Non Plastered walls,
• Fire sprinklers network in public and service areas and source for tenant area
• Electrical fire pump, jockey pump for pressure maintenance in fire pipes, and one stand by diesel pump; all for public and service areas and source for tenant
• Complete fire alarm system including smoke detectors, break glass device and horns; in public and service areas and source for tenant area.
• Chilled water in public and service areas and source including valves to the tenant area
• Fan coil units in public and service areas
• Lift lobbies, electricity rooms, staircases,
• Operating bathrooms,
• Kitchenette space with sink, water, and electricity source only (no kitchen equipment)
• Finished building entrance and lobby areas including lighting system, emergency lighting and exit signs
• Water and electricity utilities in public and service areas available.
• Domestic water pumps feeding domestic water to all public and service areas
• Operating drainage system in public and service areas
• Transformer 1.25MVA dry type – cast risen for all building
• Standby generator 300KVA including fuel tank 3000 Liters
• Complete closed circuit security system (CCTV) for external surveillance and car park
مواصفات عامة
  • A/C
  • Stove
  • Refrigirator
  • Kitchen Cupboards
  • Equipped Kitchen
  • Furnished
  • Serviced
  • Garage
  • Parking
  • Security Available
  • ready to deliver
عدد غرف المكاتب
20 or more
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Khaled Zakria
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